Learning a new programming language

Hello everyone!! It isn’t a big deal to brush up on any new programming language, specially the basics. We will discuss what are the factors that matter when picking up a new programming language and how we can incrementally gain that knowledge.

The factors :

BASICS – For any programming language, there are some basics, we must know that are necessary for implementing a basic logic in a code. Below are the list of things that we should go over for knowing the basics:

-Classes and function – how to write them and how calling works with the parameters.
-Punctuations and syntax of the programming language – like how are statements separated/ended – indentation based or punctuation based.
-Variable declaration and basic types of data along with data conversion methods. Strings and some of the basic functions of string are a must as they are handy and highly used.
-Some of the basic data structures supported or using them for our own DS – arrays, lists, stacks, maps. Along with this, we must know how to access them and the operations that come along with it. Eg. count, append, len, etc
-I/O and output formatting. IO is a big pain, especially getting data from I/O streams.
-Loops: for and while loops, if else formatting,

-threads/concurrent are important and specific to the characteristics of the language taken up and, hence, varies.


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