MIT OCW Videos

MIT OCW (Videos Available)

  1. Game Prog Audio Lectures
  2. Design and Analysis of Algo
  3. Advanced Datastructures
  4. Distributed Algorithms
  5. Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes
  6. Machine Learning
  7. Natural Language Processing
  8. Advanced Natural Language Processing
  9. Automata Computability and Complexity Lecture Notes
  10. Introduction to C
  11. C Memory Mgmt and OOP Lecture Notes
  12. Intro to Prog in Java Lecture Notes
  13. Java Prep Lecture Notes
  14. Database Systems
  15. Computer Graphics
  16. Designing mobile technologies for the next Billion
  17. User Interface Design and Implementation
  18. Principles of Computer System Design
  19. Engineering Innovation and Design
  20. Introduction to Mathematical Programming
  21. Approximation in Science and Engineering

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